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Film & Video


HYD by Joy Postell
Director: Darren Mallett
Director of Photography: Antonia Colodro
Editor: Na'Imah Pope
Production Designer/1st Assistant Director: Justin Braedon Jones
Production Manager & Line Producer: Shannon Joy Shird

Art Director: Atrice Cherie

1st AC: Claribel Tejeda Gaffer: Alex Hart Brown Set Designers: Wimpy AF, Alexis Mena &Terry Kenard Producers: Burnest Griffin IV, Empress Varnado & Aaron Milton Stylist: Erica Bentley Clothing: Keeper's Vintage Make Up: Angel Jones BTS/Still Photography: Azikiwe Aboagye Production Assistants: Raegine Mallett, Cameron Herring-Mallett, Shaina Lee-Shuan Yang & Ahmed Ashour Location: Electropositive Talent: Sekani Radellant Production Company: House of Ease ( 'Diaspora' is out now!

When Carrie Cook returns home to Baltimore to protest the police in a brutal killing of Black man a reunion at a wild party sets off a series of intimate betrayals that complicate her fight for justice. To book a screening in a city near you email us at and visit us at

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Bloom is a documentary short that follows a week in the life of Olubode Shawn Brown, founder of Bloom Live Free an annual event celebrating inclusivity and freedom in Jamaica as he reconnects with his roots, races against the clock to put on the best festival yet, and guides newcomers past their boundaries to explore deeper connections. Shot on location in Negril, Jamaica in December, 2016, Bloom’s expected completion date is December 2020.

Who are the Shadow People?

by Shannon Shird

Bedford Apocalypse

by Darren Mallett